This type of miniature portrait was known as Mary, Queen of Scots, for a long time.

Other Lost Portraits

«Perhaps in imitation of both Byng and Harding, Prince Frederick Duleep Singh visited a large number of houses in Norfolk and subsequently published an account of the portraits he saw in those houses. Singh noted a portrait said to depict Jane at Ketteringham Hall, home of the antiquarian Sir John Peter Boileau. Singh provided a detailed description of the painting:

H[ead] and [S]houlders]. Body, face and blue eyes all turned towards the sinister [i.e., the viewer's left], fair hair parted and flat, roll over each ear, and small row of rolls over the head, black cap on the head falling at the side and behind. Dress: Black with white fur round the neck and down the front, also on each side of the arms. Blue Background, Min[iature]. Square. Age 18.» A Queen of A New Invention, J. Stephan Edwards, p. 189

Portrait, supposedly of Mary Queen of Scots

Portrait, supposedly of Mary Queen of Scots

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jewel Bennett

24.02.2022 23:26

my grandfather is from the norse royal line king haakon yhe great seems they try to cover up history of him at least movie was made and if nit for two viking warriors I would not be here

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07.12 | 21:47

It looks like The Tau cross derives from the Egyptian Ankh and basically they are wearing it around their necks, life rebirth, salvation mirror. sun.Stonehenge looks like it is made up of Ts to form c

07.12 | 21:30

are wearing the symbol on effigies at Ingham church Norfolk and Henry StanleyD1528 at Hillingdon Middlesex.Countess Jacquline of Hainaut and husband Frank Borsele are also wearing the insignia others

07.12 | 21:23

These Queens could of been members of the order and i think the Tau cross is a symbol of the Holy Trinity also.These pendants could of been reliquaries.Lady margaret de Bois and Roger de bois

07.12 | 21:17

I think the Tau cross that they are wearing could be linked to the(knights) order of St Anthony, Mary 1st collar looks like it may represent the knotted girdle/waist cord of st Anthony .

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