Jane Shore

For this page to make sense, the pages Lady Jane Grey and The Anglesey Abbey Portrait must be read first.

This page is mainly to collect primary sources after the discovery that Jane Shore, Elizabeth Lynom née Lambert, may have had two children preciously unknown, Alice, who married Simon Hake, and Richard (!).

Thomas Lynom


Thomas Grenefeld knight, to Richard duke of Gloucester, Thomas Lynom 'gentilman' and Richard Potyer, their heirs and assigns. Gift and confirmation of all his goods and chattels in the towns of Rumsey and Odyham co. Southampton and elsewhere within the realm. Dated 4 November, 22 Edward IV.

Memorandum of acknowledgment, 5 November. Close Rolls, Edward IV: 1480-1482

438 (3). PARDON ROLL, Part 3.

[...] Thomas Lyneham or Lynham, of London, and Hertford, Bewdesert, Staff., and Ludlow, Salop, late clerk controller of the household of Arthur late Prince of Wales, 1 July. Thomas Leman, of Walpole, Norf., and Cambridge, scholar, clerk, vicar of Walpole, late rector of Southacre, Norf., and of Alderton, Suff., steward of the household of James Hobart, knight, 28 June. Thomas Wolsey, clk., dean and the chapter of Hereford, 4 June. Henry VIII: Pardon Roll, Part 3, Pages 234-256, Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 1, 1509-1514


South and North Wales, Salop, Heref., Glouc., Worc., Chester and Flynt, and the Marches.—G. Bp. of Coventry and Lichfield, C. Bp. of Hereford, Sir Wm. Uvedale, Sir Griffin Rice, Sir Ralph Egerton, Peter Newton, Geo. Bromley and Th. Lynom. Westm., 1 May. Pat. 10 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 1d. Henry VIII: May 1518, Pages 1281-1291, Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 2, 1515-1518

29 July. P. S. 4349. For RIC. POLE, yeoman usher of the Chamber.

Grant of certain lands and tenements, of the annual value of 10 marks, in Sutton upon Darwent, York, formerly belonging to one Cathwaite and was forfeited by him, and which was afterwards granted to Thomas Lynam, now deceased. Woodstock, 6 July 10 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 29 July. Henry VIII: July 1518, Pages 1326-1343, Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 2, 1515-1518, no. 4349

There are two more references in Letters & Papers to the death of Thomas Lynam, both in regards to this piece of land:

Wm. Lelegrawe. Grant of lands, &c., of the annual value of 10 marks, in Sutton-on-Darvent (York), formerly granted to Tho. Lynam; on surrender by Ric. Pole, yeoman usher of the Chamber, of patent 20 July 17 Hen. VIII., granting him the reversion of the same upon the death of Lynam.—Pat. 17 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 9. Henry VIII: April 1526, 16-30, Pages 944-956, Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 4, 1524-1530

Wm. Lelegrawe. Grant of possessions in the parish of Sutton-on-Darwent, York; on surrender by Ric. Pole, yeoman usher of the Chamber, who held the same from the decease of Tho. Lynam.—S.B. Henry VIII: April 1527, 21-30, Pages 1372-1386, Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 4, 1524-1530

Another Thoman Lynom – In Worcestershire

After the death of Thomas Lynom before the 6th of July in 1518, there are still references to a man of the same name in Letters & Papers:

Worcestershire: T. card. of York, E. bp. of Coventry and Lichfield, C. bp. of Hereford, Thos. earl of Arundel, Geo. earl of Shrewsbury, Edw. Sutton lord Dudley, Walter Devereux lord Ferrers, Sir Ric. Wyngfeld, Sir Humph. Conyngesby, Sir Lewis Pollard, Thos. Inglefeld, Sir Wm. Uvedale, Sir Gilb. Talbot, Sir Thos. Cornewall, Thos. Nevell, Peter Neuton, Geo. Bromley, Thos. Lynom, Wm. Rudhale, Wm. Nevell, John Ketilby, Giles Grevill, John Rudhale, Roland Morton, Peter Coleyn, John Croste, Thos. Lyttelton, and Roger Wynter. Westm., 12 Feb.—Pat. 15 Hen. VIII. p.1, m.11 d. Henry VIII: February 1524, 16-28, Pages 41-58, Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 4, 1524-1530

Lynam —, Ann, Whittlesey St. Mary GV 18:33 1566

Lynam —, John, Whittlesey St. Mary GV 18:32 1566

Lynam —, Robert, Whittlesey, bd. St. Mary VC 20:422 1598 CW

Lynam —, Thomas, Wisbech VC 10:126 1538

Lynam —, Thomas, Whittlesey St. Mary VC 13:2 1554

Lanam —, Thomas, Chatteris GV 19:6 1583

Laname, Johanne, Chatteris, wid. VC 13:113 1558 CW

Lanam, John, Chatteris VC 13:78 1557 CW

Langham, (p) Lannam, John, Chatteris VC 23:8 1610 CW

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It looks like The Tau cross derives from the Egyptian Ankh and basically they are wearing it around their necks, life rebirth, salvation mirror. sun.Stonehenge looks like it is made up of Ts to form c

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are wearing the symbol on effigies at Ingham church Norfolk and Henry StanleyD1528 at Hillingdon Middlesex.Countess Jacquline of Hainaut and husband Frank Borsele are also wearing the insignia others

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These Queens could of been members of the order and i think the Tau cross is a symbol of the Holy Trinity also.These pendants could of been reliquaries.Lady margaret de Bois and Roger de bois

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I think the Tau cross that they are wearing could be linked to the(knights) order of St Anthony, Mary 1st collar looks like it may represent the knotted girdle/waist cord of st Anthony .

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